When was the last time we said Namaste to anyone?

Lock – Unlock

What is this new life amidst the dance of terrible fear around – the fear of losing it all?

Tug of war

What if every step towards something you want is a step away from someone who has always been there for you?

The Turning Point

At times, I felt really shitty about myself – inadequate, like a loser, like a complete failure.


Slowly as he walks on the mud floor, as his worries and tension start fading away, he feels a sense of freedom.


पेड़ से टूटकर उड़ तो सकता है पर जी नहीं सकता

Heroes in our Homes

The heart touching truth behind the ever so strong fathers, husbands and sons.

Perfectly Imperfect

Too many problems.. Too much pain..
If only this world were a different place..


This story is of Romeo, who becomes helpless because of the tough circumstances…
What happens next? Does Romeo survive? You get to decide…

The 3 sisters

Riya is spraying perfume on Tiya.
Tiya says authoritatively, “Not on my face.. it may damage my skin.”

The inside story

Guess who? A tale of two twins, one with the power to break, the other with the power to make.

I want to be…

“Why did I even speak up?”
“Really stupid of me to have frivolous aspirations.”
“How am I going to face people tomorrow!”

Best friends

I’m not good enough. I am not a great person to associate with.

Brain in red

Am I a good child? Am I a worthy citizen of the country? How do I know I am not leaching on the resources alone and not giving back? Am I fulfilling my responsibilities as a human?

The 2 Worlds

Knock knock.Shanti opened the door. “Aunty”, the neighbour said. “Please have dinner at our place tomorrow. We have Ganesh pooja, and we need your blessings.” Shanti has earned a lot of respect because of her simple nature, calm demeanour and warm conduct. Both her sons are married now. One is settled in Bangalore, and the […]


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